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Maximise your brand value

We are specialised in the creation of powerful marketing strategies for wine businesses.

We can help you creating a unique, iconic and memorable brand. Maximise the value of your work in the vineyard and in the cellar, thanks to communication actions. We know how to help you reaching this objective!

Grow your winery’s business







We create your brand strategy

The perceived value of your brand in your client’s mind, is not only the result of your hard work and passion for wine making. It is a set of emotions, associations, sensations and perceptions linked to the style of communication you choose to get in touch with your customers. Select the best strategy and you would directly improve the value of your products.


Which are your brand values?

When your client thinks about your wines, which are the adjectives coming to his mind, immediately related to them?



How is you brand positioned compared to your competitors? In which level of the market you would like to be located?


Where are we today and where we would like to be in 3-5 years from now?

Which changes we have to undertake in our strategy? Which values we would like to enhance?

Which is the best action plan to reach our targets? What do we have to do to realise our desired brand?

Let’s define your marketing Mix

We plan in detail which wines to sell, at what price, through which communication actions and through which channels. We precisely understand where we are and where we would like to arrive.


What’s your wine range? Is that suitable for the market request? Would you like to launch a new product? Change your naming, the style and storytelling of your communication?


Which actions you would like to undertake to reach your branding and commercial targets? Which are the best channels? Online, offline, B2C; a focused action plan for every objective.


What’s the best price strategy to reach your desired positioning? Let’s create together the best price list for every channel: distribution, HoReCa, export, B2B


Which are the points of strength of your wines for every channel? Let’s define the distribution targets, the traditional HoReCa channel strategy, the GDO and the direct sale objectives.

Our Services

A modular offer, the best solution for every requirement

We are specialized in supporting the wine companies and maximizing their brand value, through commercial development, strategic planning, marketing, communication and management of the export budget. The Valsecchi 360° package is an all-inclusive range of services to manage the activities. Alternatively, we can select together the single area of intervention and choose the most suitable service for your company. We analyze the requirements of the wine producer to choose the best path to undertake.

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