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The simple OCM for your winery

The wineries OCM dedicated to their expansion overseas, assigns the funds to cover part of the investments for the international wine promotion. The expenses are mainly related to the exhibitions participation, dedicated tastings  or advertising

Streamline the resources management

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Our Services

A modular offer, the best solution for every requirement

We are specialized in supporting the wine companies and maximizing their brand value, through commercial development, strategic planning, marketing, communication and management of the export budget. The Valsecchi 360° package is an all-inclusive range of services to manage the activities. Alternatively, we can select together the single area of intervention and choose the most suitable service for your company. We analyze the requirements of the wine producer to choose the best path to undertake.

Discover how we can manage your funds

We developed a deep expertise in the OCM funds management. We are able to connect you with the organizations authorized to apply for the funds request and to manage the procedures to obtain an efficient international presence.


Choose your target countries, where you would like to concentrate your export efforts. Define where you would expand your activity and the best market places for your products.


We will plan and list all the activities you are willing to develop in each selected country, preparing an annual planning of exhibitions, B2B meetings, promotions, brand ambassador and much more. These activities will be communicated to the authority for the funds request.


We will help you defining the budget for each country, based on your expansion objectives.

We fill in the application for your funds request.


We will support you during all the accounting process in order to obtain the funds, we will supervise all the administrative and bureaucratic procedures.

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