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Valsecchi Consulting Valsecchi consulting is the company, part of VMO Group’s family, specialized in the consultancy for wine cellars. The group of professionals ready to improve your vinery. The idea came from the business vision and deep experience of the Wine & Spirit industry of its founder Mauro Valsecchi. Our people, with their experience and skills, is our greatest strength. We are specialized in supporting the wine companies and maximizing their brand value, through commercial development, strategic planning, marketing, communication and management of the export budget. Our headquarter is at the VMO Group offices in Chiasso, Switzerland.


Our Method


We select the best wine cellar to support with the objective of creating a unique group made of the best quality. Our partners are artisanal producers, representative of their origins. We look for producers of indigenous varieties, sustainable productive procedures and innovation signed by excellence.

Modular Services


We offer an all-inclusive range of services to manage the activities. Alternatively, we can select together the single area of intervention and choose the most suitable service for your company. We analyze the requirements of the wine producer to choose the best path to undertake.


The professionals of our team are our main strength. Every service that we propose is coordinated and directed by one of our industry experts.  Every member of our team has strong knowledge of the international Wine & Spirit industry.

Focus on the growth

Our main focus is on your winery’s growth. The flexible and dynamic entrepreneurial approach of our professionals is the leverage to maximize your company’s value.

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