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importazone in svizzera

We import our wine cellars to Switzerland with Valsecchi 1926

Valsecchi 1926 


Valsecchi 1926 is the company part of VMO Group which manages the selection, distribution and sale of Wine & Spirits products in Switzerland. The centennial experience of the Valsecchi brand in the food sector is applied to the beverage sector with the same care and attention to excellence. Valsecchi 1926 selects the best producers in the international wine sector to promote them and make them grow in Switzerland. 

HoReCa world

Dedicated to industry professionals.

We select the best production realities, with passion and dedication. We work to represent our companies professionally through the best distribution channels. The Valsecchi 1926 team of professionals manages the sales network on the Swiss territory through consolidated high-level customers. 

Retail world

Dedicated to final consumers.

The products of our cellars are available to the public on our Valsecchi Store Online website. A rich and always up-to-date range. High quality wines, indigenous varieties, niche products, big international names. From traditional to organic cultivation, craftsmanship and passion for viticulture.

Our Services

A modular offer, the best solution for every requirement

We are specialized in supporting the wine companies and maximizing their brand value, through commercial development, strategic planning, marketing, communication and management of the export budget. The Valsecchi 360° package is an all-inclusive range of services to manage the activities. Alternatively, we can select together the single area of intervention and choose the most suitable service for your company. We analyze the requirements of the wine producer to choose the best path to undertake.

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